KOUDERA 15L Mini Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer with Handle, Car Home Dual-Use Compact Fridge Portable AC/DC with ECO Mode, Refrigerator for Gift, Skincare and food include Removable Shelves with Low Noise, Red.

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KOUDERA Multi-function mini fridge

Whether you need cooling or heating, home or outdoor use, it is always your helper.

The meaning of keeping skin care products in the refrigerator is not only to “cold”, nor just to extend the storage time of skin care products. The key is to extend the “activity” and “freshness” of the nutritional ingredients of the product, which is to let you open it whenever you want Take out the skin care products from the refrigerator and use them to be similar to the effectiveness of the ones just bought! The conclusion drawn from this is that skin care products containing high-functioning ingredients are most meaningful to promote skin care when stored at low temperatures.

The skin care products stored in the refrigerator should be kept at a constant temperature of 5℃~10℃, and placed in the cabinet of the “refrigerated” level to effectively maintain the original quality of skin care products. It is recommended not to be lower than 4℃. Skin care products that are easy to form particles are not suitable for storing in the refrigerator, so as not to change their ingredients and harm the skin.

Refrigerator refrigeration temperature is 5-8°C, which is the best temperature for storing various essences.

KOUDERA mini fridge – Small body but Big capacity
Put whatever you want in this 15 liter mini fridge, Equipped with a removable shelf, you can assemble it as you like, and its capacity is beyond your imagination

For example : How to hold 330ML beverage to the maximum : Remove shelf ,12 bottles can be placed under the shelf, and the upper part can hold 9 bottles,You can hold 21 bottles at once.
Internal Dimensions:24 *21 *32.5 (LWH)cm
External Dimensions:29.5*26.5*39(LWH)cm
KOUDERA mini fridge – Cooler and Warmer Mini Refrigerator: The advanced thermoelectric system can cool up to 15°C below the ambient temperature or 15°C higher than the ambient temperature
AC 110V / DC 12V ADAPTERS Dual-system: Includes an AC mains 110V power lead and a DC 12V power lead to connect to a car cigarette socket to take your mini fridge to even more places than ever before! Two plugs are included for both standard wall outlets and 12V cigarette lighters in vehicles, making it a great cooler on road trips. Keep your precious snacks and drinks at your office desk, away from hungry coworkers.
Two Temperature Settings (COOL TO WARM): It works as both a cooler and a warmer to store your food and drinks The way you would like! Cool up to 32°F (18°C) below ambient temperature, or keep warm up to 150°F (66°C); Two temperature modes maximizes the versatility of this handy fridge at home or on the road. Keeping your drinks cold or food warm at a flick of a switch!
ECO mode:This portable electric cooler and warmer features an ECO Power Saving Mode which enables it to run at lower speed with Less than 28 dB noise, ideal for using at night. The semiconductor refrigeration chip is freon-free and environmentally friendly; Quiet technology keeps sound at a minimum (25dB-38dB). CE, ETL, RoHS certified – if you have any questions or concerns regarding your mini fridge, don’t hesitate to reach out.
Compact Design & 15L Large Capacity: This portable mini refrigerator has a large capacity, up to 15 liters which can store enough food and drinks for your outdoor activities. Its compact size (External: 29.5*26.5*39(LWH)cm; Internal: 24 *21 *32.5 (LWH)cm ) easily fits 20 oz soda bottles and cans; The removable shelf can accommodate breast milk, skincare products, lipstick, lotion, essences, masks and much more!The Ultra 15 small mini cooler and warmer is made from high grade ABS plastic.
COMPACT & PORTABLE: Ultra Versatile 15L capacity perfect for bedrooms, offices, camping, fishing, outdoors, commuting, cosmetics, make-up skin-care, travel, on the go and more! Nice for Gift. The fridge takes up very little room, fitting right under your nightstand. Enjoy a snack or cold drink without venturing all the way to the kitchen. Features a brush-less high-grade fan motor with the ability to perform quieter and to last longer than ever before!

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